Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dr Stephanie Jarrett undertook her Politics - Geography PhD thesis at the University of Adelaide in the mid 1990s, with a focus on critically assessing the policy and judicial responses to Aboriginal domestic violence. Since then, she has published her concerns regarding policy failure to address Aboriginal violence, particularly within the limits of community self-determination. She also has a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies, University of Adelaide.  

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  1. Song of tears
    A languid stream listening, runs from ancient dawn,
    From mountain down to sandbanks spun
    On lonely steps, on middens gone
    And faded off through time.
    Is she still there that lovely girl who cried the way I did?
    A thousand times a thousand years
    In sea’s songs both we hid?
    On lonely beach her silent tears they mingle in with mine
    Domestic screams domestic wounds
    Ancient headlands know men’s crime
    Stephanie Jarrett, 2001